Achieving 99.5% Autoverification Levels in Chemistry and Immunochemisty

University of Iowa Hospital, a 734 bed tertiary care academic medical center, needed to reduce manual review time and effort by their laboratory staff. With Instrument Manager's autoverification capabilities the hospital was able to increase their autoverification rate to an incredible 99.5% and even writing patient-specific rules. This lead to an increased number of technologists' billable tests per hour from $14.90 to $19.70 per technologist.

The Profile


  • Tertiary care academic medical center with Level One Trauma in Iowa City, IA
  • Multi-Specialty Outpatient facility in nearby Coralville, IA


735 Beds


Chemistry / Immunochemistry


3.8M Chemisty Per Year


Cerner Millennium


Roche, Siemens, Abbott

Key Takeaways

  • Autoverification: 99.5%
    • Increase from 40% prior to middleware implementation
  • 32% Increase Billable per Tech
    • $14.90 to $19.70 per technologist
  • Volume Increased by 18.5%
    • 2.7M in 2005 to 3.2M in 2010
  • Special Rules
    • Assays and Protocols
  • Expanded to other work-areas