Lab Intelligence from Instrument Manager

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Harness your real-time data’s potential to make critical decisions that help manage, operate, and optimize your lab

Lab Intelligence from Instrument Manager empowers labs to use real-time analytics to monitor, measure, and act to improve essential Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that ultimately enable even better provider response and patient care. Labs can compare real-time KPIs against the same KPI from previous dates to track progress over time.

Key Features


Measure, monitor, and
act on critical KPIs

Real-time analytics on turn-around-time (TAT), % of results being autoverified, QC failures, and more help you improve where you need to


at-a-glance dashboards

Intuitive visualization dashboards elevate the information your lab needs, when they need it


Root-cause analysis and

Quickly drill-down into the data for root-cause analysis using your data collected from Instrument Manager


Benchmark and analyze
performance trends

Generate time-over-time reports to compare KPIs over time, so you can quickly analyze trends and measure progress