Instrument Manager™ Product Change Notification

End of Maintenance and End of Sale for IM v8.16.20 and older

October 23, 2023

Data Innovations® (DI) is providing advanced notice of product changes for Instrument Manager (IM).
IM versions 8.16.20 and older will reach End of Maintenance (EoM) and End of Sale (EoS) on February 1, 2024.

What does this mean for you?

End of Maintenance

  • End of Maintenance means Data Innovations will no longer provide maintenance releases, perform cybersecurity scans, provide security patches, or accept new driver requests or enhancements for customers using IM versions 8.16.20 and older. Driver-related requests will be accommodated for customers with IM 2020 (v8.17.00) and newer.

End of Sale

  • End of Sale means Data Innovations will no longer issue new licenses for IM versions 8.16.20 and older.

This is NOT an End of Life (EoL) notification where support for IM versions ends. We will continue to provide support for versions 8.16.20 and older. A separate notification will be provided when an end of support date is determined for IM versions 8.16.20 and older.

IM versions older than 8.16.20 are considered legacy versions because they were developed and validated on components that are no longer supported or maintained. It is important for you to plan an upgrade from your current IM version to IM 2023. If your site is using legacy IM versions, you likely have outdated hardware, operating systems, and databases. While IM is a very stable product, legacy versions do not receive enhancement or cybersecurity updates and are more difficult to troubleshoot and support.

There is no additional cost for software to upgrade to IM 2023 if you have a valid Support agreement with us. We want our customers to have the best experience with IM, which is why we encourage you to take advantage of our newest version.

Upgrade Resources

  • Version Calculator: Review our version calculator to see the list of new features you’ll receive when you upgrade to IM 2023.
  • Upgrade Services: DI offers upgrade services if your site requires assistance with upgrading to IM 2023.
  • Talk to Sales: Please contact our experienced sales team to request a software upgrade, a quote for a DI Professional Services upgrade project, or to receive a copy of the IM validation guidebook. The validation guidebook will assist sites that perform upgrades without DI Professional services.

For more information about Instrument Manager, go to or contact our regional Sales & Marketing Departments. If you purchased Instrument Manager from one of our business partners, please contact them for support.