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Lab Quality Assurance simplified

EP Evaluator is the leading instrument performance verification solution in the industry. Designed to evaluate and measure clinical laboratory performance – for precision, linearity, and correlation - EP Evaluator provides clear, concise, 'inspector-ready' reports meeting CLIA, CAP, The Joint Commission, and COFRAC requirements.

Key Features


Simplified instrument performance verification studies
Accelerate and improve the accuracy of instrument performance validation by scaling to perform calculations for 100+ studies simultaneously and simplifying instrument-to-instrument comparison


Clear, concise, 'inspector-ready' reports
Save time and build confidence with professional, data-driven, automated reports to support inspection needs


Complies with common regulatory specifications
Designed by a board-certified clinical chemist, EP Evaluator meets all CLIA, CAP, The Joint Commission, and COFRAC requirements

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Addresses major CLSI protocols
Implements eight CLSI protocols, including EP5-A, EP6-A, EP7-A, EP9-A, EP10-A, EP12-A, C28-A2, and GP10-A

From Our Customers

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By using EP Evaluator, we have experienced a huge improvement in productivity. Every six months, we use parameters we set up to evaluate the data and present it in clear, concise reports. Inspectors look at them and it looks much more professional. It’s an objective analysis of the data. Timothy McManamon, PhD, Technical Director General Laboratory
Sanford Broadway Clinic, North Dakota, USA
rossi logo
EP Evaluator is a valuable tool that allows us to evaluate the analytical performance of our tests, always guaranteeing the analytical quality and the clinical utility of our results. Easy to use and intuitive, it is an excellent contribution to our laboratory. César Yené, Biochemist, Lab Quality Manager
Rossi Center Lab, Argentina
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EP Evaluator is undoubtedly a great tool that helps us in the verifications and validations of instruments. One of the most notable points is the clarity of the reports and the simplicity of use. This allows us to add value to our clients, together with our consulting service and support in analytical quality. Cecilia Ujhelly, Sr. SWA Application Specialist
Productos Roche S.A.Q.e I., Argentina